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The Vicuña Sweatshirt

The Vicuña Sweatshirt

Made of 100% Vicuña wool: the most luxurious and rarest animal fibre in the world. Vicuña wool insulates very well and is so soft it feels almost like silk.
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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns Important Notice: We have defined a strict protocol in order to follow security measures in accord with health regulations and security concerns. Our priority is your safety and that of our employees.


We offer post-sale customer service, so we can provide you with a prompt solution to any problem caused by any inconvenience that might occur during the process of delivery of any of our products. In any case, you have a period of 20 days, from the delivery date, to return the article or articles. The entire value of the product will be reimbursed if the article is in appropriate conditions. If that is not the case, then a partial reimbursement might be given. For Exchanges: Exchanges are not allowed for purchases made through our online store. If you have purchased online and wish to receive a different item, you will have to proceed with the return of the article or articles and proceed with a different purchase.  Important notice: The article to be returned must be in perfect conditions, in its original packaging and the product must be intact. In case of any doubt, concern or comment throughout the return process, contact us via email to the following address: 

The Right to Redress

The consumer is entitled to rescind the purchase, with no justification whatsoever and claim a refund of the total amount paid. The reimbursement for redress will depend merely on the conditions you return the product in. In order to redress you must fill out the following form click here and notify us within 14 days of purchase, as well as send back the product you wish to claim redress for. Please be aware that if the product came along with a promotional gift, such gift must be returned as well.


Once the article is delivered back to our storage, it will be inspected. When and if Kielle Limited has ensured the article’s conditions are optimal, the return will be accepted and a reimbursement will take place.Whenever a redress has been claimed and if product has been returned to our storage within the 14 day period from purchase date, Kielle Limited will proceed with a reimbursement of the total amount paid, in accordance with EU Law. If such period has been exceeded, but return conditions are optimal and product is in Kielle Limited’s possession within a 20 day period from date of delivery, we will proceed with a reimbursement of the full (or partial, depending on article conditions) price of the product in question. This does not include delivery expenses.The method of reimbursement will be the same method that was used to make a payment, whenever possible. We advise you to contact us before proceeding with a return if you wish to ensure you are eligible to claim redress.  Items that shows signs of having been worn or items that have been damaged by customers, will not be considered eligible for a reimbursement and any second-delivery ordered by the customer will have to be paid for by the purchaser. This does not include cases in which items may have been damaged by the deliverer.
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