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Launching an ode to nature

Motivated by an obsession for beautiful things and an innate desire to create and bring new beauty into the world, Ezequiel Doria Medina, an international jewelry designer, created the KIELLE brand in 2022.

He was naturally guided into the creation of luxury and statement pieces, which he had been exposed to his whole life through his multiple travels and numerous experiences within the world of high-end luxury

At a young age, he had already lived in 3 of the biggest Fashion capitals of the world (New York, Milan and Paris) and he felt he needed to bring his vision to reality. 

He decided to make an ode to nature and wished to show the world his creative mindset: KIELLE was established.

Our jewelry exhibits a signature texture derived from tree bark

The beginning

The stars, fauna and flora, among other things, inspire the jewelry at KIELLE. Looking to offer clients a unique experience of luxury, the materials used for jewelry creation have been focused into precious metals and precious stones. 

After working on the establishment of the brand for 1 year, he opened his first store in Paris, Fashion and Luxury Capital of the world, in May 2023. The address: 250 rue de Rivoli, right in the center of the city and next to Place de la Concorde, site of the execution of Louis XVI and now home to an Egyptian obelisk embellished with real gold details that tell the story of how it was gifted to the French government and transported all the way to Europe. 

Time to grow

With the opening of the new store, Ezequiel, with his entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for creation and design, saw the opportunity to expand into the creation of a fashion line. KIELLE Clothing was born.

KIELLE incorporates noble materials, such as vicuña, kangaroo and caiman leather, and alpaca, into designs. Alpaca, lamb or caiman leather come together in unisex bi-material creations, with alternating textures.

The ever flourishing and evolving Parisian Art scene has served as an inspiration for creative processes at KIELLE. Each year, the brand works alongside multiple artists, exhibiting new works of art at the store and creating jewelry and clothing pieces in collaboration.

Our commitment to art

The brand also receives throughout 2023 and 2024 a complete series or original print works by Andy Warhol in our Parisian boutique. These works by one of the greatest artists of the 20th century contribute with the aura and style of the store, which fascinates all the visitors that get to experience the world of KIELLE and the artworks we host.

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